Premium Rui (Medium) – Family Cut, No Head (500gm)


  • SKU – 500gm (± 25gm)
  • MOQ – 500gm
  • No. of Pieces 7-11

RUI is a Sweetwater fish that has a mild fishy flavor and a number of fine, delicate bones. The fish is quite popular in Bangladesh. Protein Market is Sourcing Rui fish from those Firms which have safe farming practice. We offer SKU is for 500gm from Medium Sized RUI fish which is 1.5 Kg to 2.5 Kg Live weight.

  • Fish bred in Safe farms.
  • Caught & cut the same day.
  • Scaled and Cleaned in safe water.
  • Net weight of prepped meat only.
  • Hygienically vacuum-Packed.


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