Bull 24-2811-2504




Weight- 223 kg (Appx delivery weight)

Skin Color: Red

Age- 2.5 years

Teeth- 02

Farm’s name: Shahin Dairy Farm

Current location of cattle: Shahjadpur

Raised in a completely organic way in the remote rural environment of Shahjadpur . This bull has been fattened in a natural way without applying any harmful chemicals or injections. Raw grass, mustard oil cake, bran, etc were the daily food of this bull. The bulls have been fed by the farmer with the grass produced by Protein Market’s management. A full-time veterinarian is involved in the supervision of nursing and care.

Notes: The bull’s weight may vary from 10+/- kg from the live weight. And the delivery charge may vary in Dhaka North City Corporation 2500 taka & Dhaka South City Corporation 2800 taka. The cattle will be delivered before 1-3 days with customers preference.


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